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Most Small MSPs Are Trapped In A No-Growth, Unprofitable Business Model And Don't Know What To Do About It

Robin Robins – CEO And Founder Of Technology Marketing Toolkit

Is it a sales and marketing problem? Is it a cash flow problem? Is their service offering packaged and priced wrong? Are they short-staffed and unable to afford to hire people who can help them grow?

It’s ALL of the above, which is why it’s so difficult for small MSPs to scale and compete with larger MSPs who simply have more resources (money, staff, experience).

That’s why we created MSP Launch Academy.
It gives smaller MSPs an experienced-based business development BLUEPRINT that goes beyond marketing to help you overcome the massive challenges you’ll face as you attempt to grow your managed services business.

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Introducing MSP Launch Academy

MSP Launch Academy is a program that guides a small MSP on how to get their business in order – from packaging and pricing their services to marketing, sales systems and hiring and leading a team – so they can grow to $1 million in sales as quickly and profitably as possible, with real systems and processes and a solid foundation for more growth. 

*Includes Access To Marketing Materials, Strategy, Accountability, Coaching, Weekly Trainings And 20+ Years Of Experience From Working With MSPs, VARs And IT Services Businesses

There are four reasons why this program works:

  • It’s not JUST marketing (although you DO get that too!). A big reason you’re not scaling is because you need more than just marketing (although that’s a critical part of this program). You need to make sure your service offering is competitive, scalable and profitable. You need to be more operationally mature with proper contracts in place and a well-run service department. You need hiring and management systems, financial systems, sales systems, risk management and a professionally run back office. ALL of this is covered in MSP Launch Academy.
  • We do a lot of the marketing FOR YOU. First, we’ll start by setting up a NEW high-converting, search-engine-optimized website. Then we’ll give you a complete, turnkey marketing automation system (CRM) with built-in, ready-to-go marketing campaigns (all done for you). Then we’ll set up your social media sites and give you campaign blueprints, tools and templates for building a list of high-probability prospects, fueling referrals, converting break-fix clients to managed services and MORE.
  • You’ll get coaching from SUCCESSFUL MSPs. Our coaches are all highly successful, from-scratch entrepreneurs who have run or are currently running multi-million dollar MSPs. Who better to learn from than someone who’s ACTUALLY done it themselves? Plus, our program and methods are based on working with well over 10,000 MSPs worldwide – they are experience-based, in-the-trenches strategies that are proven to work. Not theory or B.S.
  • You get a COMMUNITY to support you. Running a small MSP is difficult and lonely. You’re constantly short on time and money, and the problems you face are many. Having an entire community of MSPs to turn to when you face the various challenges you’ll face is invaluable. Our community culture is one of sharing and lending a hand. You’ll be shocked at the outpouring of support you’ll get. Plus, you can reach out to us with ANY problem or question and we’ll find someone who can help you resolve it.

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

How The Program Works: 3 Stages

MSP Launch Academy is a 24-month membership that includes coaching and done-for-you services with three distinct stages. Academy starts with 14 weekly LIVE sessions that walk you through the fundamentals to establish a solid, profitable business model so you can grow with confidence. You can jump in at any time and retake these classes as many times as you like with your membership. 


In Stage 1 we will:

  • Design a high-converting website for your business.
  • Create a custom SEO plan and implement it on the website.
  • Set up a marketing automation system (CRM) with multiple marketing systems and campaigns and integrate it with your website to start lead generation and list building.
  • Set up Google Analytics and pixels for your website for digital lead generation marketing.
  • Set up your social media profiles correctly.
  • Implement a local SEO plan, including directories, a quality Google My Business listing, and reviews.
  • Give you the templates and blueprint you need for a PROFITABLE service delivery, including how to package, price, and deliver managed services, SOPs, staffing/outsourcing strategies and more.

Stage 2: Launching Your Marketing And Business Plan

After you have completed the 14-weeks, you are invited to join us for a 2-day workshop to really dig into running a top-performing MSP.

The first day will be focused on your service delivery, tech stack, packaging, pricing and delivering managed services. We’ll cover Accounting 101 so you can know if your business IS actually profitable and give you the basics you need to understand the most important financial metrics in your MSP. We’ll discuss your technology stack, and what tools you need to run your MSP profitably. We’ll also touch on job descriptions and managing a high-performance team.

On Day 2, we’ll cover sales and marketing in greater detail, building on the foundation we’ve laid to implement an annual marketing plan to attract more high-paying clients.

Stage 3: Ongoing Training In 8 Entrepreneurial Disciplines

After the workshop, we’ll continue to deliver NEW sessions on the following 8 entrepreneurial disciplines so you can continue to grow with confidence.

At this stage, we will unlock a library of resources and training modules on marketing, sales, hiring, managing, leadership, goal setting and much, more. You’ll get monthly Marketing Deep Dives on NEW topics of lead generation and client attraction, from how to use LinkedIn to trade shows.

You’ll also get access to monthly “How To” calls where our more senior members will show you how they are having success in some area of their business, be it fueling referrals, raising prices, selling advanced cybersecurity solutions, hiring top talent and DOZENS of other topics that are directly relevant to your growth.


  • Your Vision, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and Mission
  • Company Values and Culture
  • Goal Setting For Your Company
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Entrepreneurial Productivity Strategies


  • The 4 M’s Of Marketing Strategy
  • Your Value Proposition and Brand Promise
  • The 4 Major Marketing Oil Wells
  • Your CRM Platform and List Building


  • Creating Systems And Processes
  • Creating Work Standards
  • Your Organizational Chart of Divisions, Roles
  • Managing For Performance


  • When To Hire, Who To Hire
  • Hiring Systems To Avoid Bad Eggs
  • Training Systems
  • Employee Scorecards And Standards

Service Delivery

  • Packaging And Pricing Service Plans
  • Profitable Pricing
  • Service Fulfilment Systems And Teams
  • Tools And Software Needed
  • SOPs, Systems


  • Sales Team Structure And People
  • Quotas And Compensation
  • Sales Playbook
  • Measurement, KPIs


  • Business Financials Made Easy
  • Managing For Profitability
  • Your Model To $1 Million, Profitably
  • Understanding Key Financial Metrics

Risk Mitigation

  • Proper Insurance Coverage
  • Cyber Protection For Your MSP
  • Correct Contracts
  • Debt Elimination, Cash Reserves

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Done-For-You Website With Unlimited Changes

We’ll provide you with a responsive, search engine–optimized, mobile-friendly, high-converting website customized to you. You’ll get UNLIMITED changes for multiple landing pages for various promotions we’ll give you. Best of all, we’ll put lead generation offers on your site, connected to the marketing automation platform (MAP) you’ll receive so you can start building an e-mail list and booking appointments with new prospects.
(Total Value: $10,000)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

MSP Marketing Automation Platform (MAP Lite)

You’ll also receive our MAP (set up for you, including importing and tagging your list, setting up your users and setting up various campaigns specifically designed for an MSP). You’ll get our “Cyber Security Tip” drip campaign, hot inbound lead follow-up campaigns, referral and online review campaigns, QBR and cross-sell campaigns and more. ALL of this is DONE for you and with you to make it EASY. Further, this is a beginners’ “CRM” to help you start building a list and implementing marketing campaigns without breaking the budget.
(Total Value: $12,500)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

SEO Plan, Online Tracking, Blog And Articles

We’ll also create a customized SEO plan for your business and implement it on your site, including optimizing (and improving) your Google My Business listing, as well as setting you up on local directories to get you ranked higher.
(Total Value: $6,000)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Optimization Of Your Social Media Profiles

One of our social media marketing experts will refresh and update your social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to ensure you’re optimized for prospects to find you and convert those prospects to actual appointments. (We’ll use our MAP platform to tie it all in and automate it.)

(Total Value: $4,000)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month


You’ll Get 2 VIP Tickets To Our Annual Boot Camp Event, In Nashville, As Well As A FREE Virtual Pass For Your Entire Company. You Are Free To Either Attend Virtually OR Have One Or Two People Attend In Person, With The Rest Of The Team Back Home Watching Virtually.

You’ll Also Get 2 Tickets To Our Roadshow Event Taking Place In A City Near You.

(Total Value: $4,097)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

14-Week Ramp-Up Series

As soon as you enroll, we’ll put you into a 14-week ramp-up series of coaching and Done-For-You and Done-With-You services to 1) get a solid marketing foundation in place, and 2) ensure you have a profitable, scalable and competitive service offering. This is what makes this program unique: NOT ONLY will we teach you marketing BUT ALSO show you how to package, price and profitably deliver managed services to your clients. After all, service marketing STARTS with the service.

(Total Value: $9,500)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

2-Day Deep Dive Workshop

After the 14 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a 2-day workshop that will focus on how to build a productive, well-run service department by our MSP Client Coaches who are running multimillion-dollar MSPs, as well as implementing an annual marketing plan and sales process with Robin and her marketing team. These sessions will be run approximately 3 times a year, so you’ll have the chance to attend one that fits your schedule or RE-ATTEND one in the future (if space is available).

(Total Value: $4,950)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Vendor Discounts

We’ve negotiated various deep discounts with vendors, so this is a membership that nearly pays for itself in discounts you get on software and services you need to run your business.
(Total Value: THOUSANDS!)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Ongoing Training, New Tools, Campaigns And Support

Throughout the remainder of the year, we’ll provide additional webinars and workshops on all 8 entrepreneurial disciplines.

(Total Value: $4,728)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Bonus! The Technology Marketing Toolkit

The Technology Marketing Toolkit is the most complete, field-tested library of tools for marketing IT services — including templates, campaigns and checklists.

Designed for VARs, MSPs and IT consulting firms, this program is guaranteed to help you effectively sell and market your IT services.

(Total Value: $3,564)
Included In This Amazing Offer!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Free Gift With Your Enrollment While Supplies Last!

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month

Meet Your MSP Launch Academy Coaches

CEO of Bazar Solutions

CEO Of Technology Marketing Toolkit

CEO of Vector Choice And VP Of Client Coaching, Technology Marketing Toolkit

*Your 24-Month Membership Includes Everything For Only $997 Per Month